3 Common Office Plumbing Issues

It doesn’t matter if your place of business has 10 employees or 100, plumbing issues will be inevitable. However, you can take conscious steps to ensure these problems don’t get serious. Here are some of the most common plumbing issues for your, office and how to fix them:

1. A Clogged Toilet

You probably have experienced a clogged toilet at home before. At an office, more people are using the toilets and urinals, so a backup may occur regularly. In public places, people are a lot more likely to flush items they shouldn’t causing the fixtures to back up. If this happens often in your office, be sure to put up a sign on the doors noting not to. Also, place wastebaskets in between all the stalls so the ladies can easily pitch these things in the trash.

2. Water That's Too Hot or Cold

Have you ever tried to wash your hands in the office’s kitchen only to be met with freezing water from the faucet? If this is a common occurrence, your building’s central water heater might not be working properly. Sometimes this can be fixed by simply resetting the heather, but in other cases, it requires the work from a professional plumber.

The same goes for water pressure. If you notice the faucet isn’t spewing out water at its normal rate, it can be because your aerator is blocked or the fixture needs to be replaced completely. If your faucet pressure is lower than usual, don’t ignore the problem – get it looked at.

3. Bad Odor

No one expects plumbing fixtures to smell like roses, but if you notice something particularly odorous, it could be a part of a larger issue. Many smells can be a telltale sign there’s water leakage. If you sniff something off, call your local plumber to take a look.

A Green Solution

There are plenty of ways to make your office’s plumbing more environmentally friendly. Your building can install low flush toilets. These are fixtures that use less water – some only 1.1 gallons per flush. Dual-flush toilets, which are fixtures that separate liquid and solid waste, are also popular in buildings. Replacing your old toilets is an essential step in making your building more green and saving money.

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