2020 Trends in Construction

A new decade has begun and trends that are already in the works are likely to evolve more throughout 2020. New ways to increase efficiency, sustainability, safety, are always being worked on. These new methods are sure to arise and below are some construction trends to watch out for this year.


Green Construction Processes and Sustainability

Completing construction projects while being mindful of the environment is considered Green construction. Construction has an impact on the planet and steps to reduce any further harm are trending. Construction efforts such as switching to LED lighting or developing more effective thermal performance materials are steps to making a construction project green. The Green construction processes strive to build environmentally and economically friendly buildings, keeping on trend with the current environmental efforts.


Modular Construction Projects

Trends in minimalism are making a come back with the rise of modular construction projects. These projects save time, money, and energy with the use of prefabricated pieces. The bulk of these modular buildings are assembled offsite, making companies worry less about external factors, such as weather, that significantly slow down construction. Unused material can also easily be recycled helping reduce waste produced per project. This process is ideal for repetitive structures (hotels and office buildings) and allows for the construction of these structures at a much faster rate.


More Comprehensive Safety Equipment

Every year there is an increasing concern for the safety practices on construction job sites. With the rise of technology, more solutions became available to solve these concerns. Wearable technology is one way to avoid risk and protect workers. The fabric has become highly advanced and now you can manage body temperature. Cooling vests and moisture-wicking fabric help reduce the chances of overheating on a job site. There are new improvements in certain fabrics that allow for a small GPS tracking chip within the clothing. While this may seem like an invasion of privacy to some, this tool can help operators of heavy machinery to avoid a collision. The operator could get notified if someone ventures too close to their zone. This gives the operator more time to act if needed. GPS can also notify managers of any accidents. If an injury happens, a quick alert to help could have a person’s life. 


Robotics in Construction

There’s a fear that robots are taking over jobs though this isn’t the case in the construction industry. Robotics is being implemented to help around job sites to improve productivity and accuracy overall. This will only continue to rise as technology advances. Robots in construction are designed to fulfill different tasks, limiting hazards to workers. Drones are another form of robotic being implemented more in construction. Aerial drones are ideal for surveying job sites as well as improve the safety and accuracy of the completion of a job. 


Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR and AR in a construction setting have been rising as the technology progresses. With VR and AR, construction teams can visualize buildings more clearly before the project begins. This allows for design optimization to make sure that every aspect of the builds meets requirements. This technology further helps to identify any flaws without wasting time and effort during the project. These virtual rendering can also allow clients to review detailed designs and make any additional changes before construction beings. These renderings can also show the physical setting where a project will be located. This can allow for even more detailed planning around environmental changes and traffic while delivering a more successful execution.


More Effective Project Management Solutions

Project management is constantly improving with the development of digital management tools. The new software allows those working on projects to track and manage all steps of the construction process. This increases productivity and helps prevent defects throughout the construction. Budgeting and scheduling of work are also made easier for project managers. They can stay organized and track important documents related to the project at the touch of a button. 


The construction industry is always evolving. New ideas and trends are being created to advance the practices in the industry. These new approaches will help make construction work easier and safer.