Ferrandino & Son Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Ferrandino & Son Celebrates 20th Anniversary


Farmingdale, NY: It was early 1993. Feeling both exhilaration and exhaustion, Peter Ferrandino would climb into his truck, flip down the visor and read his "GROW OR DIE" bumper-sticker. It became Peter’s mantra as he set out to build a diversified, service-contracting organization. He and his 8 employees.

A born entrepreneur, Peter Ferrandino locked his vision onto the future and his long-held goals. On all he wanted to accomplish and achieve; to grow a company where local, regional and national clients would be his ‘true partners’ in business.

"Even I say ‘who would have thought?’ Who would have thought that this company would grow and evolve, through the best and worst of economic times, into a national company that provides essential Facility and Exterior Maintenance Services, and General Contracting for so many vertical industries", said Ferrandino.

There is no doubt that Ferrandino & Son, Inc. has come this far because of customer loyalty. And that loyalty comes from being accessible, agile, proactive and responsive to customer needs, even when certain challenges seem insurmountable. "When I look back over the last 20 years…or even the last 6 months… I realize that the very best experiences were borne from our biggest trials; forcing us to respond and be resilient in ways that might have been out of the ordinary for us, but it was always the best solution in the end. Adapting in this ever-changing industry is key – because it means never failing on a promise made to a client".

Ferrandino & Son, Inc. will celebrate their anniversary throughout the year with a variety of festivities. Said Ferrandino, "The first will be an event with our employees, because without this incredibly talented, experienced and dedicated staff, we would not have come this far. I am so grateful for what they each bring to this company every day. They make it unique. They make it whole. Together, the over 400 hundred employees make it Ferrandino & Son".

Ferrandino & Son, Inc. is a National Leader in Snow Removal, Landscaping, Exterior Maintenance; Facility Service and Maintenance; General Contracting; HVAC and Environmental Services.

To learn more about Ferrandino & Son, please call 866-571-4609, send an email to abruu@ferrandinoandson.com or visit www.ferrandinoandson.com